Hero or Bully?

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Hero or Bully?

Post by dr on Fri May 21, 2010 3:12 pm

Characteristics of bullies

Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate.[17] It has also been suggested that a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular a risk factor.[18]
Further studies have shown that envy and resentment may be motives for bullying.[19] Research on the self-esteem of bullies has produced equivocal results.[20][21] While some bullies are arrogant and narcissistic[22], others can use bullying as a tool to conceal shame or anxiety or to boost self esteem: by demeaning others, the abuser him/herself feels empowered.[23]
Researchers have identified other risk factors such as depression[24] and personality disorders,[25] as well as quickness to anger and use of force, addiction to aggressive behaviors, mistaking others' actions as hostile, concern with preserving self image, and engaging in obsessive or rigid actions.


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