The Rumford Gossip Reporter (I heard that...)

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The Rumford Gossip Reporter (I heard that...)

Post by T on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:41 am

I really had to chuckle after I read this exchange. You'll see what I mean if you read it all.

From The Rumford Reporter Facebook page:

The Rumford Reporter It's our understanding that one of the local candidates (a woman) has been busy running around town and making phone calls to alert our fine citizens that Jennifer Norris has been in a mental institution. If you want to call 14 years in the military a mental institution, I will give you that. I have come to expect that there are those who will go to any lengths for power and greed. I hope you have, too.

Craig Shaw we are all mental lol

Rob M Gaudet this town can be like a mental institution wecome

Sandra Wentzell maybe she needs to be in the military to see what it is ALL about.

M Gustaf Johnson The military definately feels like a mental institution sometimes. I've got six more years before I can start planning my escape Smile

The Rumford Reporter lol

Kenny Leavitt Go jennifer!!! its the right of all american to say what they believe in,,, Go girl

Rolly Perry Why would you even begin to use one ounce of energy to go against what said (female) candidate has to say about you anyway? Her opinion is just that, HER opinion. Not shared by everyone and most likely not shared by anyone who reads this point. If you hear what I'm sayin'... Like Adam Sandler said in The Wedding Singer "Whoopie doo!" (sic)...

The Rumford Reporter so true rolly, so true Wink

Rolly Perry Church (truth) sista.

The Rumford Reporter ?

Rolly Perry It reminded me of something. If you REALLY believe in free speech then you have to accept the bad with the good. Sometimes the bad goes against everything you believe in or what you stand for. That gives you the opportunity to speak out against it (your right to freedom of speech). Many times this idea will be test you to your core.

Charlie Guy Some would call marraige a mental institution (if you're crazy in love) oops just threw up a little :-)

Shannan Turner A personal opinion is quite different then making false public claims about another individual. Can we say SLANDER anyone?

Paolo Salvatore Giuliano Dellasandro I guess I must have been mentally instituionlized for 18 plus years before they retired me to pasture, lol, but 1 thing about military service is that we serve to protect the right of freedom of speech, even if that means idiots get to say what they want whether good or BAD. Oh Well, I still love my Country. Smile

The Rumford Reporter I love my Country, too!!! What's wrong with being institutionalized if you need the help anyways??? I thought it was only God that judge. I'd rather get help from the professionals than toss down a fifth every night. Huh? Anyone ever think about that. I'm standing up for the people who have been institutionalized or have stayed in a hospital. I am proud of them for taking care of themselves Smile

Paolo Salvatore Giuliano Dellasandro Thanks, Been in more VA hospitals than I want to remember. But I will never regret serving for My Country, it was my honor and pleasure and I would not change a thing. So who is this person going around running her mouth anyways?

The Rumford Reporter Jolene Lovejoy

The Rumford Reporter the candidate with the illegal signs all over town.

The Rumford Reporter Must Enlarge to see Small Sign Under Frank DiConzo's legal sign:!/photo.php?pid=6181283&id=178776455434

Chuck Morissette So is this what the Rumford Reporter is ? political forum for one person ? If so...Later !

The Rumford Reporter what are you talking about?

Chuck Morissette It appears to only be your opinions...I was under the assumption it was an unbiased forum.

Becky Conley how are lies an opinion? get a clue. scum bags running for office, greed, manipulation etc. open your eyes.

Becky Conley what I meant was.... how is defending yourself about obviously brutal LIES an opinion? YOU CAN SUE HER FOR LIBEL!! DO IT

Joe Martin Someone having a different opinion then that of a liberal democrat does not make them bias Chuck. Individual opinions are all important. Biased drival usually comes from liberal democrats that are flaming in on something they don't like. Seems to me this thread is about "slander". Didn't see you add anything on that point and you were and are wide ... See Moreopen to say what you want to? Are you in favor of the democratic candidate breaking the sign laws and touting untruths about voters that will not vote her way?

Joe Martin Lawsuits seem to be everyones answer to everything. Why waster your time,,,, the people that matter know better. Wait for a chance to address it in a public forum with facts, clarity, and a cool head. Done correctly, it would be way better then dragging something through a court room.

Todd Comber Let's see Jenn, That must have been after your job here in Lisbon. After what you were put thru by Police Chief David T. Brooks and Town Manager Steve Eldridge and wiinning the Unemployment Case by getting a nice check, right? If that is the best your opponent can do, The people of Rumford are lucky to have you. You Just WON! AGAIN.

The Rumford Reporter You guys are the best!!! Can anyone point me to a forum that is unbiased??? Is that even possible??? Just saying...

Bernice M. DiConzo
the last time she ran she PAID people to put letters to the editor in the papers it's called desperation what's the name of that song 'Ding dong the witches is gone? I don't put anything past her!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rumford Reporter
I heard about that. And, I heard she wrote them, too.

Bernice M. DiConzo she sure did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Morissette Can't stand who you are talking about myself..I just did not realize that "The Rumford Reporter" was about one person..Thought it was town news, not a political forum..No biggie, telling me to get a clue, or bashing my own views, really make you the same as her...Doesn't it ? Just like beauty, the truth can be in the eye of the beholder.


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Re: The Rumford Gossip Reporter (I heard that...)

Post by 911Dispatcher on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:48 pm

Let me guess..Chucks been deleted??? LOL

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