Does she actually believe what she writes?

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Does she actually believe what she writes?

Post by dr on Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:44 pm

The Rumford Reporter Ok Smile I mainly started this so Rumford folks could comment on things without getting completely bashed and attacked. So far, it has been successful because I protect my followers from being attacked and bashed. I'm sorry if you felt that way. Compared to what we are used to here in town, this is mild. You should see the stuff they say about me. I got over it years ago. But, in this particular instance, I felt it prudent to inform folks that what another candidate is saying is not true and even if it was, who cares.
The Rumford Reporter Thanks Chuck! It's everywhere!!! I've been dealing with said person for years. I've lost jobs, been reprimanded by commanders, slandered, libeled, charged with trumped up charges, etc. But, in the end it has made me stronger. I don't worry about me as much as I do the people who she belittles.
The Rumford Reporter Not sure where you got that I was bashing you Chuck in any way. Not exactly sure what you are talking about at all. I started this forum so that citizens could express themselves. I put out the news I witness and don't use this sight as a self-promotion tool, never have. But, I do want people to know who I am. Not who JL says I am.


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