ATV's and Windmills

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ATV's and Windmills

Post by dr on Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:20 pm

The Rumford Reporter Mystery Ride Sponsored by the Roxbury ATV Riders Club Mystery Ride

We had no idea where we were going. There were like 71 ATVs there. The Roxbury ATV Club rocks!!!

Michael Worthley Thanks for all the great pics hope we can get the word out there and do this again next year we had 74 atv's this time hope we can get more support from more businesses for our atv toy ride July 10th and we have 400 plus atv there

I don't understand this thinking: JSN (and many others) object to placing a few windmills atop a mountain ridge in Roxbury, claiming that the windmills will ruin the pristine nature of the area. What pristine nature is left in the wake of 400 ATVs winding through miles and miles of trails cut through the forests? These ATVs, as well as two-cycle motor bikes and snowmobiles, create an enormous amount of pollution and noise. They are much more intrusive and destructive than a bank of windmills.


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