Nasty is as nasty does

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Nasty is as nasty does

Post by dr on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:37 am

The Rumford Reporter Notice all the rude comments beneath the article (SJ/recount). This kind of commentary is an excellent example of what would not be tolerated on this page. We can respectfully agree to disagree without stooping to levels like these commenters have. They are probably all town employees!

After posting this, Norris writes:

The Rumford Reporter Wanna keep up with what ex-Town Manager, Steve Eldridge, and ex-"economic developer", Rosie Bradley, are doing??? It ain't good but we already knew that.

Truly, this woman has no self-awareness or insight into how she abuses others. Or maybe she does, but isn't bothered by her double standards. Either way, this is not the sign of an emotionally mature or psychologically healthy individual.


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