Voters Reject General Assistance Budget

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Voters Reject General Assistance Budget

Post by RumfordMonitor on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:14 pm

The Rumford Voters rejected a $60,000 budget for General Assistance by a vote of 190-115. This action comes on the heels of their initial rejection of a $70,000 budget in June. It would seem that the voters want to eliminate General Assistance, but unfortunately, it is a state mandated program, which must be funded regardless of the will of the voters. The state even allows the budget to be overdrawn without voter approval. So it really doesn't matter what the voters approve, the program costs will still come from taxes. The State does reimburse the town for actual and administrative costs at a rate of 50%. So, this latest budget, if it had been approved, would have actually saved the town $5,000, less the $1,000 to run a special election.


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