ahh Jennifer....game wardens?

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ahh Jennifer....game wardens?

Post by T on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:30 am

The Rumford Reporter Yeah, it [Maine] rocks. No cops out there [on the ATV trails] either. hahahahahaahaha!

ahh Jennifer Stowell Norris....have you heard of game wardens?

When a game warden stops and "harasses" Jennifer Stowell Norris, the Maine Warden Service will be her next target.

The Rumford Reporter Now, we have snobs looking at us like we are the devil because we are on a 4 wheeler and it's too loud. Waaaaah!

and....she [and many other ATV operators] continues to ignore the rights of private property owners and the right to peace and quiet in general. She sounds more and more like an anarchist every day. Many of her viewpoints are socialist in nature as well.


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