Confused....and it wasn't JSN this time!!!

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Confused....and it wasn't JSN this time!!!

Post by 911Dispatcher on Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:06 pm

Direct from Ron's Facebook page:

Political Views:
Ultra Conservative - God, Country, tough laws, the death penalty

Tough laws?????? Ok so we make tough laws, who is going to enforce said tough laws? Last I thought RT was against funding the police department. I also find it funny how God and Death Penalty are in the same line. He goes to church right? He has to know the teachings in the King James bible and the Ten Commandments about killing another man are. I don't ever recall in all my church years, even as a sunday school teacher, any teaching of man being allowed to kill another. I find it odd how people who claim to be ultra religious and believe in everything thats in the bible still can pick and choose what teachings THEY follow and pass judgement on everyone else.

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