He'll learn soon enough.

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He'll learn soon enough.

Post by dr on Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:55 pm

The Rumford Reporter ‎@Ted, our town manager, Carlo Puiia, made a deal with the Paper Mill because they couldn't afford their taxes so us commoners needed to come up with what they couldn't come up with in order to safeguard their precious overbloated budgets and their cadillac health insurance plans.

.Ted Ropple Bad news on the mismanagement of funds. However, the town manager form of government in Maine puts the job of setting the municipal budgets and the tax rate on the Board of Selectmen or Town Council. The manager can only propose a budget- it has to be approved by the elected officials. They then set the tax rate to fund the budget. Carlo didn't do it alone. Could not under the law. Elected officials had to sign off one way or another.

Mr. Ropple is yet unaware that Jennifer Stowell Norris never looks at the big picture; she can only focus her little mind on one specific person/group at a time, and locked in that narrow focus, goes on to attack without regard for truth or fact.


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