Where does it say that?

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Where does it say that?

Post by Z on Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:08 pm

From The Rumford Reporter:

"Steve Dyer Well just read the paper this mourning and puiia is trying to get a brand name hotel put in, and put in on waldo Street. Im not sure thats is the best location for a holiday inn or its even the greatest idea to get more business in rumford and what is it gonna cost the town to get something like this to happen
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Kelly Touchette A hotel on Waldo Street? Thats crazy..And I agree..BAD idea! Not really the best area around town.
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The Rumford Reporter We definitely need a hotel in the area but Waldo? I dunno. Again, my concern is that people will be forced out of their homes and possibly into this hotel if they don't start thinking about some low income housing.
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Here is the link to that article:


Maybe my reading comprehension has diminished over the years, but I'm not getting where it says the hotel is going in on Waldo Street.


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Re: Where does it say that?

Post by T on Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:42 am

Jennifer Stowell Norris is assuming the proposed hotel site is on Waldo Street because of the removal of a three-story building on Waldo Street. Both subjects were included in the same news article. So there ya go...


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