"I don't know these chics"......Really??????????????

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"I don't know these chics"......Really??????????????

Post by 911Dispatcher on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:59 pm

Monsta: thanks to the "Rumford Reporter" for the kind words today.

Lisa Engblom Brown: Whoa. Were you all wearing Sarah Palin shirts at your last gig?

Erin Cox: Lisa.....F'n hiliarious

Monsta: Monsta doesn’t support any political affiliations. Just good music!!!

Jen Stowell: You are welcome. I have haters too as you can see. We must be doing something right Wink

Jen Stowell: PS I don't even know these two chics! Isn't that funny? hahahahahaha, don't hate me because I am beautiful and smart!

For someone who has had more than several conversations with me, taken a voicemail recording I left on her phone and made it public, and done enough research to know where I live and what my occupation is and can claim they don't even know me.....yep that takes smarts alright.

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