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Post by 911Dispatcher on Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:46 pm

Anyone who agrees The Rumford Reporter is violating Facebooks terms by attacking people can easily report her by clicking the report button on the far left bottom side of her page. If enough people complain some action may be taken to include removing her from Facebook. You can also report most of her photos for copy right infringement.

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Re: Report her page

Post by dr on Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:48 pm



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Re: Report her page

Post by T on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:06 am

Oh my gawd...this is TOOOOOOOO funny!bounce

The Rumford Reporter I have learned that the police officer's family and those that kiss their ass feel that the Rumford Reporter should be reported? Reported for what? Speaking the truth, giving my opinion, freedom of speech. To my valued readers and fans, don't let these tactics scare you in any way. They have been doing it since I f...irst got on the Finance Committee. The firefighters are really bad too. They don't want anyone enc

The Rumford Reporter They don't want anyone to encroach on the tax dollars getting deposited in their bank. It's all about greed, working less for more, and protectionism. They all stick together like a family and it is time for us to let them know that we outnumber them. And, that we are not going to pay more property taxes to maintain their current standard of living especially when ours has been affected.

The Rumford Reporter But they are some how superior to us when in fact we pay them and they should be thankful for what they have. This is nothing new. These people have beat down anyone that has tried to make positive change in Rumford. They won't even hire an economic developer. What is that? They know our mill could shut down at any time but they are gonna ride that train til she runs out. Unless we stand together as a community.

Rhonda Welch Didnt ya know they took our right 2 free speech away. if u speak ur mind they tell u its ur disorderly conduct warning.

The Rumford Reporter Amen sistah! Guess what? It ain't happening to me and it ain't happening to you guys anymore. It's got to the pathetic point. And, I know just what you are talking about because I got threatened with DC for saying bullshit quietly in a ...corner. I'll teach you how to get out of those stupid petty criminal charges they write out with such arrogance. Guess what, if you know your rights, assert them. If you don't, stick with me and I'll teach you how to assert them and what to do if you do end up with a bogus charge.See

Scott Hargreaves this is america not russia keep it up rumford reporter its called the first admendment

Rhonda Welch I got charged with sale and use of paraphenalia. Cuz i had a bong on my fridge. How the hell was i trying 2 sell it? Now when the cops come to my door i dont let them in. Then when a dumbass stole my car the cops blamed me!

The Rumford Reporter Don't worry, I will. I cannot live a lie. We are all living a lie that everything is okay when it isn't. Town Government plays the game and tells you one thing when in the background, things are imploding. Their we are better than you mentality is catching up with them. Look at it like this, they are collecting welfare from the Rumford Citizens except they get a whole lot more and an automatic raise regardless of whether or not they suck.

Chuck Gannon al cops are scum bags..they dont care about familys,,mother,fathers,sisters or brothers..the only thing they care about is enforceing laws that controll our everyday life....these laws are so black and white ....with no regaurd to the situation at hand..they are enforcing communism on us all..taking our free will to decide..

The Rumford Reporter That is exactly what I am trying to point out. Back in the day, RPD was friendly with the community. Since Chief Carter has taken over, the department is a SWAT team training, iron-fisted, turn people into criminals with no evidence bunch of dudes. I think he should be fired for letting it get that bad. Because he has no "you know whats!"

Chuck Gannon thats the thing..its not just our town..its in every town..take a look around..remember the dixie chicks?and how they spoke out against george w.bush?where are they now...its like they dropped off the earth...any rights we once had,are a figment of our imagination...some of us feel we have to hide out to be safe...and why?because some of us chose to handle things the way they should be delt with..

The Rumford Reporter All these cops care about are how many OUIs they get. They are giving out as many tickets and summons, too just so they can up their statistics so and justify their bloated budgets.

Rhonda Welch I c it as all they care about is simple pot charges. they cant find the real drugs. Dumbasses!

The Rumford Reporter I let them in my house, too. I was asking for help but instead I got pounced on. I will never let them back into my house. And, let this be a lesson to everyone. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOME, APT, TRAILER, ETC. They can't get in without a warrant anyways.


Chuck Gannon yes this is a perfect example..come on its pot...its safer then ciggerettes ...causes no loss of brain cells,or any other medical side effect from use..its non addictive...and is a herb..used for thousands of years...the only reason it is classified as a drug is the goverment has no controll over it.

The Rumford Reporter They think they are all big and bad when it comes to busting drug dealers. They are busting them for pot. Whooptie do. Pot is a hell of a lot safer than alcohol. The MDEA can take the credit for the other busts. And, the Maine State Police handle the very rare murders.


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Re: Report her page

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