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Post by T on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:23 pm

For the record, anyone attending William Stowell's funeral would know the circumstances of his death. My purpose in posting the dialogue below is not to disrespect Mr. Stowell (may he rest in peace) or his family, but to highlight another of Jennifer Stowell Norris' unsubstantiated accusations regarding another public servant of our community.

The Rumford Reporter Who other than a Rumford police officer in the military would know this kind of specific/confidential/unknown information? This is serious business.

The Rumford Reporter Keith Mann December 20 at 6:45pm - You keep saying "retirement" and "earned it" as though it's true. You're on probably 30% disability, medically discharged from the ANG, on a BS made up disability (which cheapens what real soldier and airmen are going through), and think you're "retired." So you make probably $36,000 and 35 of it is your husbands. If you didn't inherent your daddy's house after he killed himself you'd be in a trailer.

Carrie Thibodeau this horrible. stop trashing people. u r being hatefull

The Rumford Reporter The message was sent to me from a "Keith Mann" with no picture. Yeah I think its pretty harsh and that is why I am asking you who other than a cop in the military would be privy to this information. It also illustrates the significance of the problem we are dealing with. And, hopefully those not aware are now aware of how we are treated. So if you are wondering why I say what I say, now you know. But, unlike them, I am not anonymous.

Gary Provencher anyone who hangs out in the Eagles long enough will hear all of the life stories and eventually piece things together.

Gary Provencher huh? To whom is this last reply directed, TRR? Independent of who the intended target was, anyone publishing that trash about someone else is a scumbag. Your service in the military is noted and greatly appreciated.The rest of it is just 'life'. That some douchebag thinks he can hurt you or influence us by revealing it says more about the douchebag than it does about you.

Tom Arsenault Umm, Rumford is a really small town. Where would someone get this information? It probably wouldn't be too hard to piece together as Gary P. pointed. Rumford and Mexico. Where everyone knows your name, and your business.

The Rumford Reporter Gary, that is bullshit and you know it. No one but people in my family knew that and they don't live in Rumford. The police department knows all about it. Wayne Gallant handled the situation and it seems to me that either he's been flappin' his gums and updating his buddies or what? I can't think of anything else, can you?

The Rumford Reporter I'm not from Rumford either. I am from Bethel so the folks in the Eagles are flapping their gums about my dad and my family; they are flapping them about me. Hopefully, proud that i stand up for what is right.

Gary Provencher sorry, love, but I don't care. Whatever your other histories, I value you for your service to the country in the past and your current service to the community as TRR. The rest of it, I have to ask; WGAF?

Tom Arsenault Got to go with Gary on this one. I also respect your service to the county. If you are comfy with yourself, which I think you are, WGAF about what others think or say about you?

The Rumford Reporter I am ready for that information to come out about my dad but I wanted to illustrate the kind of evil we as a community are dealing with. This same person is so upset that I am retired because he already assured me that I will never get a j...ob in the local area. This same person trashed my military career in a couple sentences. And, finally, this same person, most likely a cop, said the meanest possible thing a person can say to someone who has lost their father. That's why I put it up there. How dare he talk about my dad like that? If I knew exactly who Keith Mann was, he would be getting a little visit tonight. I know all of you will say, oh don't let it bother you but that is hitting below the belt and unnecessary. F$%K YOU PIG!See More

Gary Provencher not to sound silly, but did you try a Google search for "Keith Mann" Maine? I did, and one turned up in the MEARNG - Augusta. Might be your boy.

The Rumford Reporter No, how would he know that my dad did that?

The Rumford Reporter I was in the USAF/ANG.


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