Someone with actual positive concepts and visions IMAGINE THAT!

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Someone with actual positive concepts and visions IMAGINE THAT!

Post by 911Dispatcher on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:10 am

Meeting about purposed Teen Center Take Over
Basement of Mexico Rec Hall
Date and Time: March 18th at 3pm - 6pm

Let's share a perspective.
We believe that most teens in this area would agree that there is not much being offered to do on a typical Friday or Saturday night, during vacations, or long weekends, right here in this area.
Most might say they get rides with eachother to go to another town, like Auburn for example, to find something to do. Some might say that is why they party, or spend so much time on a computer or just veggin' out.
We also believe that most teens in this area know exactly the type of place that they want to hang out in. They know the kinds of things they like to see and they know exactly what they don't like.

We are excited to invite some of you to pioneer an organization which is centered and co-controlled by youth & adults. This area is full of talent, creative ideas, motivated potential, and this is the opportunity to pull it together!

We hope that together, we can create programs that offer all of the things you want in your community- whether its purpose is to change something for the better, entertain yourselves, or just to have a place to hang out.

Come to the Basement Level Teen Center at the Mexico Rec Center, which is the retired High School, located behind the Green Church

This meeting will be held on March 18, 2011, at 3pm (at the teen center, which is the basement room in the Mexico Rec building) and anyone interested in this endeavor is welcome. And just so you know, it's going to be way more amazing than you can imagine Smile

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