Sun Journal gets it wrong (again)

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Sun Journal gets it wrong (again)

Post by KevinNSaisi on Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:40 am

In the SJ this morning DiConzo is accused of drafting the drug policy on his own without authorization from the board. It is further accused that he asked the board to approve his policy without them seeing it ahead of time. Both of these accusations are wrong. The board authorized DiConzo to work with Stephanie Thompson to come up with a policy for them to review. When it was completed, DiConzo forwarded a copy to the board members. They had ample opportunity to review it before the day of the meeting. I don't agree with everything that is in the policy, but the procedure appears to have been followed.

Eileen Adams had been blamed for the mis-reporting of the SJ in the past, however she is no longer covering the Rumford meetings. With a different reporter, and the same tactics, one can only presume that the problem was not fully with Ms. Adams, but likely ingrained at a higher level of the SJ organization. Perhaps the SJ editorial staff needs to accept blame for the constant negative coverage of Rumford. It is strange that the positive items rarely are covered. Where is the article about the presentation to Wentzell of a t-shirt commemorating his being joint chief of both departments? It would appear that the failed regional efforts of Lewiston-Auburn have made such efforts non-newsworthy.


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Re: Sun Journal gets it wrong (again)

Post by Chuck on Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:03 pm

A drug testing policy that wants to test everyone that works for the town is going to be controversial - and expensive. Why not just test those that are in positions of authority or do jobs that open people up to liability like heavy equipment operators?


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