Wake Up America (Conservatives really should read this)

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Wake Up America (Conservatives really should read this)

Post by T on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:16 pm

Wake Up America

In the 1930s, Winston Churchill tried to alert all that the world was in the presence of an impending global catastrophe of the first magnitude. The consequence of not heeding this warning in due time resulted in the colossal ravage and carnage of World War II.

At the present time this country is wreathing in the convulsive throes of an economic catastrophe of an unparalleled magnitude and consequence. In the murky confines of opposing governmental ideologies lurks contributing factors of our present day economic dilemma. I deplore party politics, so I'll refrain from mentioning any names, but if the truth makes the shoe fit I hope it will result in blisters.

Winston Churchill also once stated, in regard to the Royal Air force, that (Never in the history of mankind had so much been owed, by so many, to so few.) In this country today one could say that (Never in the history of humanity has so few prospered so lavishly, at the expense of so many.).

There is one segment of the political spectrum that seems to advocate a seemingly adverse logistical approach to the factors that contribute to this country's economic woes. To help ease the burden of the national debt and revitalize the economy their ideology would suggest that:

--We must excuse the wealthy to the extreme, and Corporate America from contributing.

--To help solve the unemployment situation,we must lay off multitudes of government employees and civil servants.

--We must advocate for a smaller government that would be less apt to interfere with and temper the oppressive greed and impropriety of Wall Street, the financial markets and Corporate America.

--We must allow the Insurance industry to make healthcare so expensive that only the wealthy to the extreme can afford that service.

–We must allow the pharmaceutical establishment to employ extortionary practices, when it comes to the pricing of life-saving medication.

--We must allow the financial institutions to make the cost of an education so exorbitant that only wealthy to the extreme can afford to educate their children.

--We must not allow American workers to negotiate with their employer for compensation consistent with their contribution to the cause.

With much of America's industrial and manufacturing capabilities out-sourced to overseas interest on behalf of Corporate America, the American working class has become a forgotten species.

The once so called middle class is also an endangered species, and in danger of becoming extinct. If the elements that are striving to achieve this end, succeed there will be only two distinct classes of America citizenry. The pompous, pious, prosperous, privileged well-to-do, reigning supreme over the poor worthless subservient multitudes.

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