Rumford Board of Selectpersons to be Commended on Wind Power Ordinance Progress

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Rumford Board of Selectpersons to be Commended on Wind Power Ordinance Progress

Post by RiverValleySun on Thu May 05, 2011 12:29 am

After nearly two years work the Rumford Board of Selectpersons are very near completing a Wind Power Ordinance Proposal that may very well be acceptable to voters who have twice emphatically stated they are in favor of wind power development in Rumford. There was one vote error and that involved Section V (J) on “Stray Voltage” when Selectperson Sterling seemed to become confused on the motion. He thought the motion was to strike the section and voted yes when the motion was to keep the section as written. This resulted in a 3-2 vote on the motion keeping the section.

It was pointed out by several on the board and in the audience that there is no such thing as “stray voltage.” That there is no method for measuring something that is not recognized. There does exist a thing called electromagnetic fields around all electrical and electronic devices, and around power lines. The speakers who also spoke in support of statements made by DEPs Andy Fisk on this subject of the non-existence of this and it’s not being recognized, believe that the writers of the rejected permanent moratorium ordinance confused electromagnetic fields with “stray voltage.”

Several people who had not attended any of the many previous meetings demanded to know what they selectpersons had done for research, what they based the various ordinance proposal draft items, and their decisions on. This constant rehashing of matters that have been thoroughly covered over many meetings in the past 2 years pushed the meeting to nearly 5 hours in length.

Several people who have attended most or all of the meetings commended the selectpersons for their hard work, thoroughness, diligence, and extensive research. The three selectpersons, Adley, Sterling, and Belanger who saw the meeting through to the end, were thanked for doing so.

The draft as approved to date with pending sections will be sent to AVCOG for review. One sections will be discussed with the fire chief before voted and once the missing sections checked by AVCOG and Section V (J) recinded, the ordinance should be ready to go to voters in June.

It was good to see Neil Kiely at the meeting able to provide technical support on request along with Rob Cameron, Arthur Boivin, Frank Diconzo, and Candice Casey, who clearly have done their homework. These five where able to cite specific other specific ordinances, sources, studies, and other materials to support their data and arguments giving them a great deal of credibility.

Those opposed to wind power development continuously challenged the board on what they based their work yet where never able to provide a reference when asked to support their assertions.

If the board corrects the error in voting Section V (J) and there are no other surprises, the Rumford Board of Selectpersons may well produce a very high quality ordinance for the voters to approve on une 14.

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