Obama Orders Morganza Spillway Opened, Wildlife Killed, Morgan City Destroyed

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Obama Orders Morganza Spillway Opened, Wildlife Killed, Morgan City Destroyed

Post by RiverValleySun on Sun May 15, 2011 8:44 am

The article below was submitted to River Valley Sun and is definitely worthy of reprinting.

Obama Orders Morganza Spillway Opened, Wildlife Killed, Morgan City Destroyed
by James Rennie
Morgan City, Louisiana-Today President Barak Obama authorized the Army Corps of Engineers to open the Morganza spillways diverting water from the Mississippi to 3,400 square miles of Cajun countryside, farm lands, small towns and cities, fishing and oil hubs, whipping out the homes of 25,000 American Citizens who do not have flood insurance and will not be compensated. 11,000 structures will be destroyed.

The people subject to this government inflicted event donít have flood insurance because this land is not in a flood zone and they would have to wait 90 days after applying to the US Government Flood Insurance Program, paying their premiums before the policies would take effect, and since they are not in a floodplain they donít carry this expensive coverage and donít have 90 days to pay premiums before the US Government deliberately floods their property destroying their homes, communities, and livelihoods without consideration or compensation.

The Morganza spillway is an artificially created diversion of the Mississippi created by the Army Corps of Engineers. It will divert water from the Mississippi in ďhopesĒ enough water will be removed before it reaches downtown New Orleans, and Baton Rouge possibly flooding these low lying floodplain areas should their levies fail or the water levels over top them. You may recall New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina a few years ago and has by-and-large not been rebuilt; anything that may have been allowed to be rebuilt in New Orleans should have been built taking into consideration the potential for flooding from Lake Pontchartrain which is fed by the Mississippi, any levy failures, and properly insured. Baton Rouge is no stranger to potential flooding with flood insurance not only available but recommended. If you build in downtown Baton Rouge, like New Oleans, you know it is only a matter of time before a flood or hurricane will hit with great consequence; the profits are generally so much greater during the good years that it far more than makes up for the disaster years making them just part of the cost of doing business.

Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers are playing God by diverting water from the Mississippi putting 3,400 square miles of land that is not threatened by the Almighty Himself under 25 feet of standing water. There is no outlet for this water. The spillways will be opened to drain the Mississippi and the valley will fill with no exit at the other end since this is not a natural route for the river or any other source. This area is teaming with wildlife, wildlife of all types, reptile, birds, and mammals, everything from snakes to birds to rabbits, bear, and deer many with spring young that have not been, cannot be evacuated and soon will be drowned by 25 feet of water where no water should ever be. These animals share the land with American farmers putting corn and other food stuffs on the tables of American familiesí tables across the country. All of that farm land complete with crops is being lost to ďmaybeĒ save downtown Baton Rouge and New Orleans if their levies donít fail or are over topped anyway. It will guarantee the destruction of Morgan City, LA, population 12,000 putting the entire community under 25 feet of standing water and kill millions of Godís creatures.

Editor's note: The opening of the Morganza Spillway will close Interstate 10 Louisiana above Morgan City as it is flooded under as much as 25 feet of water cutting off this major southern east/west commercial route indefinitely.


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