This LTE could easily be describing News Corp and Christians

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This LTE could easily be describing News Corp and Christians

Post by T on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:15 am

Al Jazeera in Maine?
By Jared Bristol
Jul 18, 2011 12:00 am

The Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera English, Abderrahim Foukara, has been asked to speak on July 28 at a gala function for the Henry Knox Museum, located in Thomaston.

Let me see ... the head of a media outlet that supports terrorism has been invited to Maine to speak at an event honoring a great Maine general of the Revolutionary War.

Does anyone find that disturbing? I do.

Why should a representative of a proven enemy of this country be invited to such a venue to spread its venom? Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The MB has a charter that pledges to destroy our "miserable house" by our own hands. The MB is at the core of radical Islam waging jihad to conquer the world.

When will the people of this nation stop tolerating evil intolerance? Not only are we tolerating evil here, we're encouraging it and giving it a microphone.

It would be great if people convene outside the Strand Theater in Rockland that evening to let the organizers know what is thought of this travesty. A demonstration would make Henry Knox and his descendants proud of modern Maine and send a message to the trustees and organizers.

Jared Bristol, Hebron

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